Don't Everyone Run At The Same Time

november 27, 2003

Well, with all that complaining about mobile phone companies, it doesn't look like many of us were ready to bolt for another company even though we could keep our phone numbers. TSI Telecommunication Services who handles four of the five major mobile phone companies number switching reports that only 80,000 people have switched companies. The ironic thing is that the one company that did not go with TSI Telecommunication Services to handle the switching is the one that most people seem to want to bolt from: AT&T Wireless. AT&T Wireless says that they are experiencing lots of troubles with the switching and won't be able to switch customers till later this month. Stall tactic to keep people from running away from their service? Sounds like it to me. Anyways, I am happy where I am (with T-Mobile and don't see switching anytime soon. What mobile provider are you with and are you planning on switching?

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