Everybody And Their Mothers

december 5, 2003

Everybody and their mothers seem to want a new mobile phone this holiday season! There is a shortage of mobile phones to sell to talk-happy consumers. Where are all these people coming from? Do they all want a new camera phone? Someone out there tell me what is so great about a camera phone. I cannot comprehend why someone would want to wander around with a phone and take substandard and terrible quality pictures with a nasty CMOS or VGA camera. Ugh. Fads. I like my phone it does what I need: Call. It also does something useful: Data. Other than that, I have my digital cameras to take pictures with, like the ultrasmall Sony DSC-U20 -- which is smaller than a mobile phone, but has a two-megapixel CCD. Oh wells, I never understood color displays on mobile phones either (does it make my conversations more colorful? Nah), but now I have a color phone -- it really doesn't do more than let me have a colorful background though.

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