Firebird Nightly Builds

december 9, 2003

Hmm, today I saw that on my co-worker's Windows machine he had Firebird had the new blue Firebird icon. Mine was still running with the older red one. Well, I was jealous so I took a look at the Firebird Nightly Builds and downloaded today's build which had the cool new blue icon. Heh. Nice. So, I got home and figured I'd get the new icon for my MacOS X version also, but after I installed it, it was the same old red icon. Hope they get the new icon for the MacOS X version soon. I like the new icon better. The new build for the Mac does have some UI changes though. The whole thing has been "skinned" with the metallic look of iTunes which is pretty cool (the tabs look especially good, the buttons are OK but could be better). The little spinny thing also looks like Jaguar's spinny thing star thing also. The waiting cursor still looks like a port from BSD and so do all the actual widgets inside of the browser (like the pull-down menus and buttons). This version is still awesome and the developers are making one of the best browsers out there for all platforms! Great work guys and gals, I can't wait to see all the improvements you're going to be putting into version 0.8. And for those of you enjoying Mozilla, Firebird, Thunderbird, Camino or any of the other projects that the Mozilla Foundation supports, support the foundataion by [url=]donating[/url]. I am a Mozilla donor. They are producing some of the best products around.

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