Apple's Ginza Store

december 10, 2003

Apple opened it's Ginza Store on November 30 and the turn out was crazy by those wacky Japanese! Check out the video of the line. It must have run for 10 blocks (I stopped watching after the second block). Crazy people. The one really crazy guy is the American Gary Allen who has attended five store openings and was at the Ginza one also. His wife is mystified at why he does it and so am I. Why? Because unless you're filthy rich, just plain looney, or well, filthy rich, why would one go to these store openings? Sure, Allen chalks it up to the "social experience", but bah, there are better things to do for a "social experience" especially given the fact that even he admits that the stores are "completely standardized. A store in Florida is exactly the same as a store in Chicago." That really just makes no sense to me. For a store like Fry's where there is a different theme to each store, I can certainly see the excitement of seeing each store (I have seen five). But if each Apple store is "exactly the same" as Allen says, then bleh, I am happy shopping at the closest one to me in the Valley Fair shopping centre. Oh well, I guess each of us has our different levels of Mac-addiction, I just don't have the money to fly all over the place to see Apple Stores open!

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