T-Mobile Customer Service

december 20, 2003

So, in October, Eileen and I picked up a Samsung E105 for her and we converted my account to a Family Plan account. The two of us have been happily using our account ever since. During the sign-up, our sales rep, Gary said that he would give us free activation on the E105 line. He said that the activation cost of $35 would show up on the first bill, but a credit would show up after two bills. The second bill just arrived and the $35 credit did not show up. So, today I gave T-Mobile customer care a call to see what was up. I talked to a very helpful Jessica who listened to my predicament and then she went to speak with her supervisor (or "leader" as she said). She said that she will go ahead and put the credit on the account and it should show up soon. Now that is what I call awesome customer care. Thanks T-Mobile.

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