New Logo and Stuff

december 21, 2003

Changed the logo to a new green "u" on top of some green water. Thought my face was a little too boring for the logo. Also switch the colors to a shade of green to match the new logo. And you'll also notice the use of pictures now with some of the articles, just something to spice things up without going overboard like using eye-burning background colors. I changed the fonts yet again. I switched it back to a sans-serif scheme and made them a tad bit smaller. In looking at the previous fonts and some of the other designs on the net, the smaller fonts do look a bit nicer. I also changed the front page to show 7 days of articles and not 10 articles. I made minor adjustments to some of the date layouts, changed the whole underscore thing to a new brackets thing (look at the how "comments" and "full story" are now framed), and lastly on the comments and more pages I removed that annoying "more..." from the middle. Enjoy the changes!

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