Be Scared! Be Scared! Be Scared!

december 22, 2003

So, the Department of Homeland Security has changed the National Threat Level to Orange -- which means that it is at its highest level. So what? The Department of Homeland Security should be renamed to the Department of Scare Tactics. All they do is change this so called Threat Level meter from color to color and scream "Be Scared! Be Scared! Be Scared Americans!" It is getting pretty old I tell you and here's why. You can only cry wolf so many times before you dilute the actual message. To continue to "warn" Americans of a "threat" to their security without any concrete support behind it will only make Americans numb to the warnings. Americans will be numb if the Department of Homeland Security continues to make vague statements like "[intelligence] suggest the possibility of attacks against the homeland around the holiday season and beyond." They think that terrorists will use planes again, then they follow up the highest level warning message with an opposing statement that U.S. aviation "is far more secure" than ever. So which is it Tom Ridge? I applaud the hard work that all the U.S. Intelligence agencies are doing to keep the U.S. safe and I applaud the work of the Department of Homeland Security. But, I have to suggest that they take care in what they announce and that if they do announcements that they be a little more forthright about it. If you want to warn Americans about a serious threat to our security, tell us what you have found, let us know what is going on. Don't give us this vague BS that you continue to give. If all you're going to tell us is that aviation is not safe, then follow it up by telling us not to cancel travel plans and that U.S. aviation is far more secure than it has ever been, keep that kind of warning to yourself. The State Department adds, "We expect al-Qaida will strive for new attacks designed to be more devastating than the Sept. 11 attack, possibly involving nonconventional weapons such as chemical or biological agents." Well, tell me solutions not problems. How are you, the State Deparment, going to take care of this?

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