december 30, 2003

This looks like a very promising project: BookMarkSync. When exploded (no joke, their server had a meltdown) they felt really bad that they had lost a few hundred people's bookmarks. The quickly refunded the money and to make up, they released their software as OpenSource software. Basically, this software is a server-client piece of software that lets bookmarks get synchronized across multiple machines. On the server-side it runs on PHP and MySQL. Currently there is only a Windows client, but a MacOS X client is in the works. It looks like a really cool project, I think I will install it on UltraMookie as soon as the MacOS X client appears since syncing bookmarks between my PCs and my iBook would be quite cool. BookMarkSync works without regard to what browser is used also! That is a big plus since some of us do not use that crap IE from Microsoft.

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