So Much For Visionary Gates

january 6, 2004

Microsoft seems to be running scared now by the advent of Open Source software. Years back Mr. Gates refused to accept that people would actually love to have free software -- well, now he is seeing the results of his miscalculation, come on Billy, who doesn't like free stuff? With international countries and some US states dropping Microsoft products like an old mink coat, I am sure that the new ad campaign trying to convince people that Windows is better comes at no surprise to any of us. Linux can only grow to take over the server market that Microsoft so dealy holds on to. And is now starting to mature to the point to which it is a viable office suite alternative to Microsoft Office. Mozilla is now producing a browser that is faster, better, more secure, and more featureful than the hardly updated Internet Explorer. I find it ironic that Microsoft now is getting a taste of their own medicine -- think about how they killed Netscape by giving out Microsoft Internet Explorer for free. Now they are getting bit in the ass by a free OS, a free office suite, and a free browser amongst other software projects. The world loves free and when the free software is now getting better than the pay software, we can see where things are obviously headed -- and I can tell that Microsoft is seeing this too, hence the heavy handed ad campaign for Windows and against Linux.

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