january 7, 2004

Well, it took a little longer than I expected, but my order from finally showed up today. I put in the order on December 26, 2003 and the order shipped January 3, 2004. It arrived today. Apparently there was a shortage of something that caused the delay in shipping. I had ordered seperately two refills for my Space Pen from on the same day I ordered from and shipped pretty quickly and arrived rather fast -- though they have a larger shipping cost. From I ordered a Space Pen fine black ink refill and a leather pouch thing for my Space Pen.

The leather pouch is pretty good, I like it a lot. The one thing I'd change about it is to put a piece of leather over the bottom of the button that touches the pen. Right now it scrapes against the pen whenever I put or pull the pen out from the pouch.
The weird thing is the pen refill, it came in an evelope that had a sticker on the outside saying that the refills were authentic and that the retail packaging for the most popular Fisher refills has been "eliminated" to reduce wasted paper. Which I would understand except for the refill does not have the print on it that the cartridge in my pen has (and on the refills I got from have). Am I a tiny bit suspicious, kind of. I am sure it will write fine though, just wish it had the print on it. See larger pictures of both the leather pouch and comparison pictures of the two ink refills HERE.

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