iSync Woes

january 12, 2004

For the life of me I couldn't get that thing to work correctly. And when it was working OK, it wouldn't sync things up correctly. I had it setup with my .Mac account, my iPod, and my Palm Tungsten T. The first go around it erased contacts out of my Tungsten T! Yow. The second go around it started to work a bit, but was dog slow because I had so many entries in my Tungsten T -- over a thousand entries, which I did finally archive and purge, but iSync is really slow when there are a lot of things to synchronize. Then there is the whole differences between iCal and what the Tungsten T understands -- mainly that an event that stretches over two days in iCal will only show up as one day on the Palm. To rectify this, in iCal the event must be made a single day event that repeats twice. Also, after associating my iChat screen names with the correct Address book entries, the screen names didn't transfer over to the Tungsten T. So, it's back to just synchronizing with plain jane Palm Desktop for the time being.

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