Palm Desktop for Mac

january 13, 2004

Well, after screwing around with iCal, Address Book, .Mac, my iPod, and iSync for a few hours I was not able to be comfortable that my data was going to be safe. Gone with iSync and back to Palm Desktop for Mac. First, I restored my data from my backup. Then I got to work with the Mac version of Palm Desktop. I am quite used to the simple interface for the Palm Desktop for Windows and the Mac version is ironically more difficult to use. It has a lot more windows and things to click -- and is simply not as easy to use as the Windows version. I am now learning my way around the Mac version and with all the new complexities I am finding lots of cool powerful features. I will have to play more and maybe even read the manual to see what it is all about. I still like the pure simplicity of the Windows version, but I am excited to find out what all I can do with this Mac version. I am HotSyncing via my D-Link DBT-120 Bluetooth dongle too, which is a little slower than the USB cradle, but ultimately more space saving and cooler.

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