february 25, 2004

I did something stupid clumsy today, I puddled my Nokia 6610! Ouch! Yup, but the SIM card survived, so I went to the only place that I know of where I can pick up a T-Mobile phone without having to go through activation -- since I had my SIM still. I went to Fry's Electronics. And as much as I loved my Nokia 6610 (which I fortunately got for only $35) I wanted something different. I wanted to get a nice phone with bluetooth, a good PIM, a camera, and didn't cost an arm and a leg. So, what did I end up getting? Well, after driving to three Fry's stores (Brokaw, Sunnyvale, and finally Hamilton) I got my paws on a Sony Ericsson T610. I have heard conflicting stories about the RF performance of the T610, but my buddy Paul in San Diego finally convinced me that the phone had usable and good RF performance -- and he was very satisfied with his. So, that was what I ran around trying to pick up. Now I have had a chance to play with it, I have found that it is a pretty damn good phone. So far the RF performance in the house (which is like a tin can that shields most cell reception out) is pretty good -- on par with the Nokia 6610 and Samsung R225m. The screen is 65k colors, but it is a STN screen and it looks washed out at times (just like the 6610, except the 6610 only had 4096 colors). I got it to sync with my iBook via iSync and now my iCal and Address Book are sync'd onto the T610. I will write more on the T610 later on. The one thing that mad me even more mad is that I lost the stinking 6610! I put it in my pocket and ran back into the office, but somewhere along the way, the stupid thing fell out or something. Or maybe I threw it straight into the trash with my McDonald's bag. Or maybe I just misplaced it at my desk at work -- I'll check on that tomorrow. Otherwise, the 6610 is gone, gone, gone. I will probably call T-Mobile tomorrow if I cannot find the phone and tell them that it is lost, and if it still works after getting puddled, that they should blacklist the IMEI on that phone.

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