T610 Stuff

february 26, 2004

This phone is pretty cool. I just setup the built-in email client to check email for me -- since T-Mobile offers unlimited bandwidth on their data side, I can set the email check interval for like five minutes (but, I have it set for 30 minutes). The bluetooth functionality is awesome -- syncing between my iBook and the phone is a breeze. Now, with the basic PIM inside the T610 and the sync, the phone is my new information manager. It is quite nice since I always have my phone with me, but sometimes I don't have my Tungsten T with me. I am still hesitant to try to add the Tungsten T to the iSync mix because I could never get the Palm to sync correctly. The camera is decent for fun snapshots, but it will definitely not take print quality pictures! See some early examples in the new T610 Photo Gallery. The T630 is coming out soon (next quarter), but I needed a phone and the T610 is pretty good. Wish it had the STN screen of the T630 though. One other thing to mention is that transferring files to the T610 is easy because it does not use a proprietary system like Nokias and Samsungs. I can use the simple Bluetooth File Transfer utility that is included with MacOS X and transfer games, pictures, music, and themes to and from the T610. No need for special software like with my Nokia 6610 (which, for all intense purposes needed Oxygen Software in order to fully be taken advantage of from a PC).

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