Mookie's Snap8

february 28, 2004

Now I got a Sony Ericsson T610 and a cheezy toy camera on the phone, I gotta put the toy to use. So, I found this cool script called "phonecam". phonecam is a basic script that extracts pictures from an email and does some voodoo to create a nice webpage based on extracted files. Features include archives and everything. Using the camera and the built-in mail client on the T610, I can send emails with pictures attachments to an email address. Then that email gets feed through procmail which calls out the phonecam script. Out of all of that? The new Mookie's Snap8 project. I can now post up pictures from my phone, whereever I am, whatever I might be doing. It shows eight pictures at a time and for building up excitement, if there aren't eight pictures yet, you'll have to come back when the queue fills up to see what the new batch of eight look like. This photo diary should be fun. A photo album of pictures that are of low quality, but high in timeliness. Should be fun! Check out the photos often, the link will be in the right-hand sidebar.

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