What are they thinking?

february 28, 2004

Here is a classic example of dump thinking. I got a notice from DMV yesterday that it has come time for me to renew my license for my Solara. I open up the envelope and get out my checkbook. But inside there is a little slip that says that I qualify for online renewal. Well, that is pretty cool! I can save a stamp and they can have their payment right away. But, as I read the website it says that by doing online renewal, I will be charged a $4 convenience fee. What the hell are they thinking? I know it is only $4, but come on, the online renewal is more convenient for DMV than it is for me: they get the money right away, they don't have to have someone open envelopes, and no check processing. Why would they charge a "convenience fee" to us for this service? It seems like the benefit more than I do. For the cost of a stamp, check and trip to the post office, I could save the convenience fee and only pay 37 cents plus the cost of gas to drive half-a-mile to the post office. I don't know what the DMV is thinking, but this is just complete silliness on their part.

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