New Waterfield Wallet

march 13, 2004

My new wallet from Waterfield Designs arrived today. It is pretty cool, I like it a lot. I got the leather + taxi one. I also have an iPod case and my iBook sleeve from Waterfield. I use the sleeve the most to protect my iBook. The sleeve has yet to fail me and keeps up really well -- I have had the thing going only two years and it is still in great condition, very well built. Waterfield is a great company that makes all their stuff local in San Francisco, CA which I find very important because I appreciate when the stuff that I buy is made here in the US. Gary Waterfield, the owner, even took the time to write a quick note on my invoice thanking me for purchasing again from the shop -- that was a cool touch since I ordered my other bags a few years back! If you are in the market for a great, well-designed, and quality built-in-the-USA bag for your notebook or something else, Waterfield Designs is the place to go. Their bags, I can attest, are very well built, tough, and good looking also. Check them out. Highly recommended.

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