Who Needs A Hot Spot Anyways?

march 29, 2004

Here I am sitting in the San Jose International Airport surfing the web on my VAIO notebook. I am not using the for-pay wi-fi hotspots that are here in the airport. Rather I am using a Bluetooth connection from my notebook to my T610 for Internet access. Yea, the lag is pretty large and the transfer rates are nowhere near 10MBits/sec, but it is free (T-Mobile gives free WAP and GPRS access with their plans) and it works in a situation like this when I am bored to death while waiting for a plane. T-Mobile ironically sells wi-fi access, not sure if they provide it here in SJC. For T-Mobile subscribers it costs $19.99/mo and for non-T-Mobile members it costs some $29.99/mo. For me, since I am not travelling as much as I used to, it is not worth it if I can get some free, albeit slow, Internet access from the GPRS connection. Now if only someone can find me an electrical outlet to plug my VAIO into, it only gets 90 minutes of life per full battery charge!

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