Timezones and Daylight Savings

april 5, 2004

I hate daylight savings, I absolutely hate it. I find it archaic and just not useful. Yea, it is supposed to give us some extra sunlight and that translates into all sorts of things, like better energy usage. Bah, all I know is that it messes everything up and confuses everyone. It broke my iSync and T610 also. iCal kept all my appointments correct (yay) but when my T610 got set to the new DST ("Summertime") it decided to move all my appointments ahead by an hour. Or maybe it was PhoneAgent which I used to use to set the clock on my T610, but I won't anymore until it is DST "Wintertime" since PhoneAgent wants to change the Timezone from GMT-8 to GMT-7 which really messes up the T610 -- since when I leave the setting at GMT-8 and then switch to DST "Summertime" it goes and makes the phone look like it is GMT-7. Sheesh, did you get all of that? Too bad there is no way to make PhoneAgent sync the time of my iBook with my T610 without futzing around with the timezone! Bah! I hate DST.

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