Death To The PDA?

april 12, 2004

Most likely it is the slow death of the PDA. It has been whispered for a while now, but the news of the slow death of the PDA is now becoming more mainstream and louder. With better and better integration of PDA functions into a phone, why carry two gadgets when just one will suffice? I put my Tungsten T away a month ago and haven't looked back. Yes, my Sony Ericsson T610 lacks some features that I loved with my Tungsten T (like being able to carry addresses with me, to carry appointments greater than 8 weeks, and to carry passwords), but what it lacks, it surely makes up for in usage time. I carry my T610 with me everywhere and that is quite useful. There are smarter phones too that will do everything a Palm can do (like Palm's own Treo600) and some that do even more (like SonyEricsson's P900 based on the Symbian OS). But, whichever one that is chosen, it makes the PDA look less and less desirable as extra weight. Have you dumped your PDA for a smartphone? Or do you still need the functionality of the PDA over what a smartphone can give? Or do you just use the good ole paper and pen method?

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