Wal Mart, Why To Stay Away

april 26, 2004

Tracy News ran this interesting news article on Wal-Mart. " Wal Mart is anti-abortion, pro-censorship and a filthy, stinking liar...Workers for Wal Mart are urged to find ways to drain local charities for all the money they can give because the wages are so low. Most children of Wal Mart employees are enrolled in the program Healthy Children which is a program for children of impoverished families. Parents with a job are not usually considered impoverished. Wal Mart also will not allow for birth control pills to be sold in their pharmacies. They believe that pro-abortion is bad. Personally, I think the woman should have the right to decide, accidents happen, that's just what it IS to be human is to make mistakes. Wal Mart has made calculated decisions on the best way to drive out competition and drain a town for all the money it can give. While Wal Mart employees are forced to look to charities for to make up for the miniscule wages they recieve from work, CEOs and other high-ranking officials live on the piles of money and look for more places to build their stores to make even more money."

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