Apple Confidential 2.0

april 30, 2004

What better way to celebrate the 20 year birthday of the Macintosh than to read all about Apple in Own Linzmayer's newly updated book Apple Confidential 2.0. I am not far into the book yet, but so far so good. Linzmayer's writing style is easy to read and the stories that he tells are quite interesting. Apple does have quite a history and I am eager to find out all the details that I don't know. For instance, did you know that the two Steve's (Wozniak [employee number one] and Jobs [employee number zero]) are not the only two that started Apple Computer? There was a third guy named Ronald Gerald Wayne who had 10% of the company when the company was formed, but he backed out after two weeks because he did not want to get financially hit if the company failed. Also, Apple actually started in Steve Job's bedroom and not in his parent's garage. It only moved out to the garage after it became too large of a job for Job's bedroom. Interesting reading!

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