Take This Apple! Ha!

may 4, 2004

Um, perhaps that was a bit too much enthusiasm. Today Sony unleashes its competition to the iTunes Music Store + iPod combination. Behold: Connect + Minidisc. A little too late? Most likely, the Connect store features 500,000 tracks of music (a lot of independent music) which is far short of iTMS's 700,000 tracks. The compatible music players are netMD players which means that Sony will focus only on the Windows PC music listening folks. Will people flock to Connect? We can only wait and see. I for one won't, I hate the Sonic Stage software (hard to use). And well, if you keep up with my rants, you know just how much I dislike netMD. Sony's hardware arm is releasing the Hi-MD machines today. I truly wish that Sony would come out with something cooler. A machine that is like the iPod but with better battery life, color screen, and good compatibility (read: works with MacOS X). I wish that Sony would drop that Sonic Stage stuff and write a new application. I don't quite see Apple quaking in their boots at the release of Connect + Minidisc. By the way, check out Apple's new Wild Postings ad for iTunes + iPod.

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