Washington Post Slams Sony's Connect

may 9, 2004

The Washington Post published a rather damning review of Sony's Connect music store. "[H]ow could the Connect music store, unveiled on Tuesday, have turned out so badly?" Reviewer Rob Pegoraro writes about Sonic Stage: "[i]Sony's Sonic Stage, is a bloated, bug-ridden beast of a program.[/i]" Want to burn songs to a CD? "[i]Connect allows buyers to write, or burn, each song to disc five times in each format.[/i]" (Unlike Apple's more liberal unlimited burning of each song to CD.) Thankfully there is the ability for unlimited transfers of songs to Minidisc, MemoryStick players, and Clies. And, unlike the iTunes Music Store, you can download music that you have purchased again, without paying extra. There is apparently a feature that will let you download and burn playlists of 150 tracks in ATRAC format to a CD for a very low price. Well, all the talk about Sony's Connect service stepping into the crowded digital music download market and putting up a serious challenge to Apple's iTunes Music Store is, well, talk. It does not sound like Sony has learned from its previous outing (pressplay, now Napster 2.0) about selling music online. Maybe the third time will be the charm?

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