Nisus Writer Express 2 Preview

may 10, 2004

There is a nice preview of the new features in Nisus Writer Express 2 that was just posted. The promised release date is something this summer. According to Charles over at Nisus, they are testing out the product right now. I have been switching back and forth between Nisus and Mellel lately. They both have their strengths and weaknesses (see the Word Processor Wars article for details). If Nisus comes out with what the promise in the "new features" list, then they have got most of everything that I switch back to Mellel for -- and Nisus have a native RTF save to boot. Nisus still will not have some of the more "advanced" stuff like bulleted lists and right-to-left writing like Mellel does. I don't doubt that Nisus will furiously work on those features after they release Nisus Express Writer 2.0. I am curious to see how Nisus and Mellel battle this out. Mellel is still in the lead with speed and features, but Nisus is catching up.

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