PlayFair Returns

may 12, 2004

PlayFair, a utility to remove Apple's FairPlay DRM (Digital Rights Management) from songs purchased from Apple's iTunes Music Store has returned. It is now named Hymn (for Hear Your Music aNywhere). I am sure that Apple is lining up its lawyers to go after the people running the Hymn project. But, is it really that bad? Yes, you can defeat the DRM on the songs with Hymn, but you have to purchase the songs to get them. Hymn does not remove the ID tag associated with the song, so distributing the unprotected version of the music file will distribute a music file marked with the email address of the purchaser embedded in it. Who buys music to distribute, especially when it is marked? Not me, it's mine and if others want it, they should go buy it themselves! Hymn just saves those of us who worry about the longevity of our digital music (what if Apple shuts down iTunes Music Store? How would you access your "protected" music?). It saves us the time of burning the music to CD and re-ripping to MP3s. The digital mark is still in the music with the unprotected music, I don't see anything wrong with this -- for those of us honest enough not to distribute music. For those of you stupid enough to distribute unprotected versions of music purchased from iTunes Music Store, you have to realize that your files are still marked and they (Apple and the authorities) will find you. [b]Don't Steal Music[/b]

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