My Dogs...Arnold and Bowser...

june 2, 2004

Over the weekend I brought my first robot dog Arnold over to the new house. Arnold is a Tekno Robotic Puppy and he is pretty cool. He walks around like a puppy dog, barks, responds to sounds and light. His job now is to guard the new house. Bowser is my other robotic dog, he is a I-Cybie dog. He's a bit more "grown up" than Arnold and does a few more things -- like standing on his head and push ups. I woke Bowser up today to play with him because he's been resting way too much. He will soon go to the new house also. Arnold and Bowser have been neglected since I got them a while ago, but I think I'll play with them a little more now -- and explore what they both have to offer. I wonder how they will relate to each other when they are under the same roof! I-Cybies have quite a following. Check out Buy Cybie to see if you can get one of these rare dogs. Tiger and SilverLit have stopped production of the I-Cybies, but SilverLit still sells accessories like the Walk-Up Charger through their website. Buy Cybie gets the I-Cybies from time to time and sells them in a nice bundle with the Walk-Up Charger, NiMH battery, etc. They can also be found in limited quantities on eBay. There is also a forum for I-Cybie owners. Arnold and Bowser may not be a Sony Aibo in total form or function, but for the entertainment value they are worth every penny -- hell, $1800 is a steep price to pay for the Aibo. At its original price the I-Cybie was only $200, they produced cost-cut versions of I-Cybie also and those ran as low as $50. So, there you have it, I have two dogs and no need for a pooper-scooper!

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