Shiira Web Browser

june 4, 2004

Wow! There are so many choices for web browsers when it comes to the MacOS X platform. Here's a relatively new catch (pun, intended): Shiira (which means Mahi Mahi in Japanese. Shiira is based on the WebKit that Apple developed, which is the rendering engine behind Safari (based on KHTML). Shiira is pretty damn fast, it has enough features to be usable, like Safari bookmark integration, movable tabs, interchangable Aqua/Brushed Metal interface, and theme-able. And, did I mention it is damn fast? I am going to switch to Shiira for the time being as my default browser because of its speed. It is still lacking in bookmark importing, which kind of sucks, but I can import through Safari. Give it a try, it is OpenSource and free. Also, get hicksdesigns theme for it since the Jade theme that comes with Shiira kind of sucks. You can find the hicksdesigns theme here. Oh, unfortunately Shiira only works on MacOS X 10.3 because it is based on the latest version of the WebKit.

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