Hello New Newton...

june 10, 2004

...Or not. Apple did create a new Netwon, but killed (or as Jobs says "ditched") it. Jobs says that Apple will not be returning to the PDA market. He also shoots down the idea that Apple will develop a phone and PDA combination. And while he was on the subject of things that Apple will not do, he emphasized that Apple's iPod will not support Microsoft's WMA format -- although if Microsoft could penetrate 50% of the market, Jobs would reconsider putting support for WMA into the iPod. But, on a positive note, Jobs did say that he is working on dropping the prices of the iPods. Cool, that will get more iPods into the hands of people who are drooling for them -- and hopefully drive more online music sales at the iTunes Music Store. We'll just have to wait and see what Jobs comes up with next.

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