White Headphones

june 18, 2004

A few years ago, my family and I went to Hong Kong and China for a family trip. While in Hong Kong I picked up some Sony MDR-EX71SLW headphones. They are white in-ear headphones that block everything out. Since then I have gotten a few of the black long-corded versions here in the states, but the white ones still do not sell here. When I wore them a few years back, my sister kept pestering me, "Take them off, you look like an idiot with white headphones on." Now, with the whole iPod rage, the white headphones are a status symbol. But, I have to say to all of you using those cans that were included with the iPod: Yea, it is cool that you can use the white headphones as a way of showing that you're an elite iPod owner. In reality though, everytime I see someone wearing those things I know that they are doing it only for status and not for the actual experience of listening to music...why? Because the headphones suck. I just dug out my MDR-EX71SLW to use with my 15GB iPod. They are replacing my black versions. The black versions have the long cord that when put together with the Apple remote makes cord management a pain. The short cord of the MDR-EX71SLW makes it a bit more managable. Long live the (good sounding Sony) white headphones.

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