june 22, 2004

I got some cool stuff for my birthday! Eileen got me a Craftsman 9.6 volt Cordless EX Drill and a matching Craftsman drill bit and driver set. It is a pretty awesome because I am a guy and guys love power tools. Hehehe, I will be drilling holes all over the place. This is a really nice set of tools that Eileen got me! Eileen also got me a blue $15 iTunes Music Store refill card (I have only gotten green ones up till now! "Feed your iPod" the card encourages.) Thank you honey! My sister got me a very nice Timbuk2 bag! She told me to design it and she would buy it. I designed an orange and silver medium-sized messenger bag, it arrived today! It is a very nice bag that I will be using instead of my very generic Targus Sport Standard Backpack (which, for the life of me, seems like everyone and their mothers are using nowadays). Thanks sis! (On a side note, I got my sis a pink and silver large-sized Timbuk2 bag for her birthday last year :) ) Mom and Dad got me (and Eileen) a new exhaust hood for our kitchen stove. Thank you Mom and Dad! Yesterday, Eileen took me out on a hot date! We got to eat at California Buffet and watch Shrek 2! And Mom made a delicious dinner for me tonight. What a great birthday!

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