Camino 0.8

june 26, 2004

OK, so I have been using Camino 0.8 for the last few days and I must say it is as good as it gets! I love the new features, especially the ability to click and hold down the forward/back buttons to get a history to go forward/back -- instead of clicking the button many times. This was a feature that I missed a lot when I used Camino over Firebird or Safari. For the most part the redraw bug is gone. It did crop up twice during my usage, but it was not as bad as before and I could not reproduce either of the instances. Overall, Camino 0.8 is a great browser for the MacOS X platform and has now taken over as my daily browser. For now Firebird, Safari, and that quirky Shiira will only be backup browsers! Camino is boss on my iBook.

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