Nike Shox Monster

june 27, 2004

I picked up a new pair of shoes today. It has been a while since I have worn Nike shoes (I have been wearing Sketchers for the longest time now). When the Shox shoes from Nike came out a while back, I thought they were pretty cool, but all the styles that had the Shox on them were outlandish. Now the Shox are coming into more "normal" looking shoes. When I was at the Great Mall the other week with Eileen we spotted the Nike Shox Monster at the store Finish Line. They were pretty decent looking shoes, but I held off on getting them at that time -- felt too much like an impulse but, even though my current Sketchers were worn to the bone. This week as we were walking around again -- she was looking for a purse -- and we stopped at the Finish Line where I ended up picking up the black and silver version of the Nike Shox Monster. They are pretty comfortable shoes, I worn them around all day long and so far, so good! My beat up old Sketchers? After putting on the Nike Shox Monsters at the mall, I took my Sketchers and dumped them in the trash there at the mall.

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