Got My Xbox

june 29, 2004

I couldn't resist the offer. I took a fibre channel cource with Global Knowledge and for signing up for the class they offered as a promotion either: A Palm Tungsten E, Sony Playstation 2, or a Microsoft Xbox for free. Well, I already have a desk drawer full of PDAs and I have had my PS2 for the longest time. If the Xbox was being offered for free, why not give it a try. I got my coupon from Global Knowledge on Friday the 25th and immediately ordered my Xbox on Amazon. I ended up paying $13 for tax, but that's OK. The Xbox arrived today. I took a few pictures and loaded up Halo -- a game that I wanted to play for the longest time (two years now since its release, I believe), but I never got an Xbox when it was more than $100. I did not want to upgrade my computers to play the game either and I am glad I held out because now the game is selling at a reduced price ($29.99 instead of $49.99) and I get to play it on my $13 Xbox! Halo does make me feel queazy, usually FPS do not make me feel all that queazy, Halo seems to induce it quite quickly though. It is an engaging game though! I'll write more about the Xbox tomorrow. But here are some quick thoughts. The damned thing is huge when compared to my PS2 and Eileen's Gamecube. Everything about it is big -- the controller, even though it is an S controller is still pretty big, the Xbox itself is the size of a PC (well, that's not a surprice because it is a PC), the Advance AV connecting box is a big dongle hanging off the back of the Xbox, and even the box that it ships in is larger than I thought. Anyways, more on the Xbox later, it's off to bed for now.

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