Virus Protection

july 3, 2004

I have had it with Norton Anti-Virus. Its Live Update component is one of the most finicky things around and I am tired of it breaking down. My mom's PC went without a virus signature file update for two weeks now because of some scripting error in Live Update. Before I upgraded her system to NAV 2004 Pro, the last version got this error also. I am tired of it and I uninstalled NAV 2004 from her PC and installed the free AVG Free instead. That has not failed yet on Eileen 's Sony VAIO notebook and also on my sister's VAIO notebook. You have to hand it to the guys who give away their product free and make it better than a for-pay product. One of these days I will support those Grisoft guys by buying their product, but for now their AVG Free works wonderfully -- it is free for non-commercial use only, you business people have to pay for it.

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