Uh...New Water Bottle...

july 5, 2004

Nothing Earth shattering about this, but I got a new Eddie Bauer 32oz Water Bottle today from Target. It is orange (don't you know? Orange is the new yellow...) and made of GE Lexan polycarbonate resin. Very cool bottle, "virtually unbreakable" is what the label says. I can also freeze it (-40 degress Fahrenheit) and boil it (212 degrees Fahrenheit). I can put it on open flame. It won't stain and it won't retain any odors. It is shatter-resistant. Sounds very industrial! But it is crystal-clear and very cool looking -- keep in mind this is the same Lexan that was used to make the visors and helmets for the astronauts that flew on Apollo 11. Neat.

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