july 5, 2004

Yahoo! is one of the better search engines out there. They know that it is not just search that drives a site, it is also the stuff around the search engine that does it also -- mail, pictures, maps, etc. Because I am a SBC Yahoo! DSL subscriber, I get a lot of the features free with my account, but Yahoo! has seen fit that they do not want to support Mac users as much as they want to support Windows users. If you are a Windows user, you get all kinds of goodies, especially with the Yahoo! Messenger which integrates the best parts of Yahoo! into a IM client. For us Mac users though, we get stuck with an old version which doesn't do half as much as the Windows version -- what is worse is that it is still buggy and crashy. So, my advice to Yahoo! is this: There might not be as many Mac users as Windows users, but we are still out here. Give us some support.

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