july 7, 2004

Way back ago, I used to use BBEdit Lite a lot. It was a great text editor for MacOS 9 and below. When MacOS X came along, BBEdit Like (and its big brother) came also, but they looked and felt the same -- kind of like using BBEdit for MacOS 9 or below. Still, it was useful and nice to have around. Then those folks at BareBones Software decided to ax BBEdit Lite in order to promote their TextWrangler product. The problem? BBEdit Lite = $0, TextWrangler =$49...which wouldn't be all that bad except that the difference between BBEdit Lite and TextWrangler was not worth $49, IMHO. So, what's a guy to do when he wants a cool looking text editor (that looks and feels like a MacOS X app), is low-priced (compared to TextWrangler and BBEdit Pro) and does all that BBEdit Pro does? Easy, he gets SubEthaEdit from The Coding Monkeys. Not only does it do a lot of what BBEdit Pro, it allows groups of people to edit together (very cool feature)! And the best thing is that it is free for non-commercial use or a mere $35 for commercial use (compared to BBEdit Pro's $179). If you're a coder and haven't tried out SubEthaEdit, give it a shot. Hell, it's free...

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