Intelligence? George W. Bush?

july 11, 2004

From the New York Times:

The report was heavily censored by the administration and is too narrowly focused on the bungling of just the Central Intelligence Agency. But what comes through is thoroughly damning. Put simply, the Bush administration's intelligence analysts cooked the books to give Congress and the public the impression that Saddam Hussein had chemical and biological weapons and was developing nuclear arms, that he was plotting to give such weapons to terrorists, and that he was an imminent threat. By late 2002, you'd have had to have been vacationing on Mars not to know what answer Mr. Bush wanted. The planning for war had begun. The C.I.A. was under enormous pressure over getting it wrong before 9/11. And the hawkish defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, wanted to set up his own intelligence agency to get the goods on Iraq that the wishy-washy C.I.A. couldn't seem to deliver.
It is sad to see how people are still supporting this President George W. Bush after these revelantions about his doings in office. People complain about Clinton getting a blowjob in office, I complain about W. Bush pre-emptively striking on a country based on incorrect information. I complain and take issue with a president who pressures analysts to "cook the books" (much George's business buddies do also?) in order to cook up some "evidence" to use to go to war. The war is not going well, it was not fought for the right reasons, and American soldiers are dying for all the wrong reasons. And you George W. Bush supporters still want this man in office?

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