He's Living In A Bush World

july 13, 2004

George, Hey George! Time to wake up and get out of that little world you created for yourself. It is very interesting to see George W. Bush on the defensive on the Iraq war now that he's been hit in the face with a scathing report on how it was not necessary. "Claiming the war had made America and the world safer, Mr Bush warned he would maintain his policy of pre-emptive defence by either attacking or diplomatically pressuring those countries it perceived as a threat." Bush finally admits that "we have not found stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction," but he still can't come to the fact that it was a mistake to go into Iraq. His whole "selling point" for the pre-emptive strike in Iraq was that they had WMDs. Then suddenly it was that they had the ability to make WMDs. Now neither of those have been proven and there is a US Senate Intelligence Committee report which reveals that Bush's reasons for going into Iraq were "based on faulty and exaggerated intelligence about weapons of mass destruction." Yet George W. Bush continues to live in that weird world that he has created for himself. He contends that the capture of Saddam Hussein has made America a safer place. I'd like to see some evidence behind those statements. Apparently, I am not the only one that have my doubts about Bush's statements, "Polls also show many Americans now believe the war has made the US and the world more dangerous." So, I have come to believe now that 45% of Americans are total idiots. Why? "A new poll yesterday showed Senator Kerry had inched ahead of Mr Bush as preferred president by 50 per cent to 45 per cent." How can 45% of Americans seriously support this President who believes in striking before being sure? A President who believes in killing before there is absolute evidence. That is just not American and George W. Bush is just not the right person to be the President of this great country. He his scarred the country and done worse abroad with his unnecessary wars based on misinformation.

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