4G iPod

july 18, 2004

Newsweek leaked some details about the new 4G iPods that will be released tomorrow (7/19/2004). Very interesting new features, but is it enough to convince current 3G owners to upgrade? I am a bit skeptical. New features include the missing control buttons. These are now integrated into the scroll wheel, ala the iPod Mini. So, first big noticeable feature is that click-wheel. The battery life has increased by 50% (from 8hrs to 12hrs). Now you can make more than one on-the-go playlist and even delete songs from it (whoa! To think why they didn't do that earlier!) The new iPod is a millimeter thinner. And you can play your audiobooks at faster rates. The prices have dropped also. 40GB is now going for $399 and 20GB is going for $299. There is no 15GB in sight. Interesting update to the 3G iPod, almost feels like the 2G iPod update. For instance 1G had a mechanical wheel, whereas the updated 2G had a touch wheel. The 3G has the control buttons, whereas the 4G has the click wheel. There is nothing majorly changed about the 4G that makes it an upgrade, it's just an update. I guess we'll have to wait for the 5G (seems kind of like the cycle so far) to see a dramatic change to the iPod.

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