Comment Spammers

july 25, 2004

Ever since I opened up the comments for anyone to write something, there has been a handful (hopefully that's all it will stay at) of comment-spamming. That is why I have moderation of comments, so that the comment-spam will not get up onto the site. I hate spammers, whether it is comments, emails, IMs, referrer, or whatever other scheme they come up with, spammers suck. Actually, spammers can fuck off and die for all I care. And the people who are dumb enough to click and buy something from a spammer can get on the same boat with the spammers. Oh, one other group of people can get on that boat too: The politicians who think that they can put together legislation to "stop spam". What a bunch of idiots. No, wait I got a bunch of idiots that are even worse: The people who wanted to put together the Do-Not-Spam list. Yea, right, we'll put together a list of email addresses available to the world of people who do not want to get spammed. Umm...No.

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