EOS Digital Rebel Photos

july 29, 2004

Last night I took a bunch of pictures with the camera. This morning I took a whole slew more. Then when I got home from work I took even more. Here are the pictures. I posted them on Fotki because they just have more bandwidth than I do here on ultramookie.com and it makes more sense to use their services since the provide unlimited storage and bandwidth for a low annual price ($30). I went to Ritz Camera today at lunch and picked up a bargain of a telephoto lens. It is a Promaster lens. Yes, like you I was scratching my head, "What the hell is Promaster?" Originally, I went there to look at and see about picking up a Quantaray lens (Yes, again, "What the hell is a Quantaray?") but the sales guy pulled out the Promaster to put next to the Quantaray. Both cost the same ($160) and had the same specifications (70-300mm AF f/4-5.6), the Quantaray was made in China and the Promaster was made in Japan. The Promaster was also metal while the Quantaray was plastic. I picked up the Promaster (originally marked as $300+) and when I got back to the office did a MetaCrawler search on Promaster. What I found was that Promaster does not actually make their own lenses, they are the masters at rebranding overstock lenses and such. Most of their lenses are Tamron (not bad) lenses, so I am figuring that mine is also a Tamron lense. It works really well and the latter pictures in the album were taken with the lens.

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