Nice Feature!

july 30, 2004

Being a Macintosh user sometimes makes life tough when it comes to choices for software. It was nice to see that Fotki has support for us Mac users in two ways. First, they (like everyone else) have a single file uploading page. Then they have a nice Java interface for uploading multiple photos -- it is built for any platform. And then they have, and this is the one I like the most, a plain old FTP server! Yes, none of these are Mac specific, but they all allow us Mac users a choice. Yahoo! Photos has a drag and drop interface, but it is only for Windows users. Mac users are stuck using the single-photo web interface. Sony ImageStation offers a drag and drop interface for Mac users, but it is still a bit buggy. And I don't like the fact that people have to sign up for an account just to view pictures, that is a dumb move. ClubPhoto and Ofoto are more concerned about printing photos than letting people share them. Lastly, my previous favorite for high-speed photo-sharing was Pbase just charges too much for storage -- but it has a Mac-friendly photo-adding procedure too (just zip up the files and send it over, Pbase will unzip and post pictures.)

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