Cost To Watch A Movie

july 31, 2004

Hollywood is making it harder and harder for us people to go to the movies. The prices to go to a movie are outrageous! Eileen and I went to try to see The Bourne Supremacy on opening night but could not get in -- sold out. But, what surprised us was that Century Theatre (Oakridge) has eliminated the student fares. It has split the prices for nighttime showings. It is now $9.75 per person to see a movie from Friday to Sunday at night. From Monday to Thursday it is a mere $9.50. Seems a bit outrageous to me when to go see a movie as a couple will cost $19.50. That is just crazy in this day and age -- especially with the talkative crowd that goes to the movies and the low quality of the movies being put out. With households now getting more and more home-theatre equipment installed (like ours) there are less and less reasons to actually go to the theatre. Yes, the screen is bigger at the theatres, but it is quieter in my house. Popcorn costs a few cents a bag in the microwave and bottled water is cheaper at home also. Oh, and with a Netflix subscription at $21.99 per month, watching movies at home doesn't seem all that bad anymore. Yes, we won't see the "new" movies being shown in the theatres, but hell we could watch unlimited movies for $21.99 a month -- that's just the cost of seeing one movie in the theatres. It is sad how the theatres are jacking up prices when they should be finding better ways of bringing people in. Yes, there are still people who flock to theatres to see movies every week (as the box office numbers show), but sooner or later the theatres will price even those people out of the theatres. And once these people find out that there are better and more cost effective ways of watching movies, then they will not come back to the theatres.

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