Bourne Supremecy

august 5, 2004

I caught this movie with Darrell and his son Devin two days ago. Quite an entertaining film, moves really quickly and the pace never slows down until the end. Everyone in the film was great. The only real problems I had with the film was the editing, which like a lot of movies today was just too quick. The action scenes were cut so quick (in that Michael Bay style) that there is no way anyone can keep track of what is happening. The character development was nil as the movie (and director) moved too quick for any characters to actually develop! But, as a spy and summer film, it does its job at entertaining. And I have to give big kudos to the stunt team for putting together such an awesome chase seen at the end. That was one of the most memorable chase scenes in recent memory -- the last really good chase scene that comes to mind right away is the one from Ronin.

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