Google-Mania...Um...Getting Bored

august 6, 2004

Google's IPO was the big news like two months ago. Then they announced their strange scheme of auctioning their stocks to small investors and the scheme of everyone getting some sort of ID for buying their stock. Google has also been quite public about how they won't listen to shareholders and will, for all intense purposes run just like a private company after they go IPO. They just announced today that they are delaying their IPO. Oh, and lets not forget they are wanting between $108 and $135 per share. Now, there's a saying about striking while the iron is hot. Google's iron was hot two months ago. Google's iron was lukewarm last month. I think Google is really missing out on a good opportunity to take advantage of crazy investors if they don't get their IPO done soon. With all the gotchas listed above, I think giving people this much time to actually think about buying their stock is a bad thing. People will slowly come to the realization that the stock is overpriced and undervalued. And is just a plain bad buy, especially since Google will not be listening to stockholders. Google, hurry up or your window of opportunity will close.

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