DVD RW Finally

august 23, 2004

Picked up a LaCie FireWire DVD RW Double Layer drive today from MicroCenter since Fry's doesn't stock much Macintosh hardware. The drive works great, now that I finally got it working. When I first plugged it in, it looked like the external inclosure did not have any firmware on it and would not show up on my iBook. Well, after finding the firmware upgrade tool on the LaCie site, I tried it out on the drive and the utility called the drive a "blank FireWire device", in other words a device with no firmware. So, I used the utility and flashed the drive and it now works all hunky dorry. The only thing is, there is no double-layer media around! And from what I have been reading, double-layer stuff can only be read back on double-layer burners -- standard DVD-ROM drives will not read double-layer media -- though regular DVD video set top boxes will (I will report on that later when I can get my hands on some double-layer media).

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