Wolverine SixPac

august 23, 2004

There was a comment in the Leave The Notbook At Home posting asking about how the Wolverine SixPac performed. If you read the posting, the Wolverine SixPac is a 40GB harddrive with media readers for all popular flash media. You simply turn the SixPac on, insert media, then push the Copy button. All the stuff on the card is copied to the harddrive and you are free to format the card (in your camera) and take more pictures. This is a great way to take lots of pictures on the road without having to carry around a notebook. I can happily report that the SixPac performed very well on Eileen and my honeymoon to Hawaii for eight days. Every day we took a lot of pictures and then that night I would offload the pictures onto the SixPac. We ended up taking a total of 4.6GB worth of pictures between the Canon EOS Digital Rebel and the Sony Cybershot DSC-U20. I am happy to report that the SixPac worked just fine on the road and I got all the pictures back. I highly recommend the SixPac for those of you who do not want to lug a notebook around just to offload flash cards. This is the way to go.

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