New Tamron Lens

september 4, 2004

I picked up a new Tamron AF28-200MM F/3.8-5.6 XR Aspherical (IF) Macro lens for my Canon EOS Digital Rebel. The lens takes some nice pictures, a little soft, but otherwise beautiful pictures. It was a lot cheaper than a comparable consumer Canon lens, which made it a bargain. And it is so small and light. Because it is 28-200mm, it covers most of what my Rebel kit lens (18-55mm) and ProMaster (75-300mm) lens covers. So it may find that it stays on the Rebel longer than the other two lenses. Nothing beats the 18mm wide of the kit lens though. I also picked up a Quantaray UV(0) filter for the Tamron lens also from Ritz Camera. Never heard of Quantaray? Neither have I. I inquired about it and the sales guy at Ritz told me that Quantaray is the rebadging name that Ritz and Wolf uses for lenses and filters. For lenses, Quantaray is really Sigma lenses. For filters, Quantaray are Hoya filters. Ritz apparently buys in bulk from these two companies and instead of lowering the overall market price of Sigma and Hoya merchandise, they rebadge the stuff and make it cheaper. Whatever to me, since it costs less. I took some pictures, with original 6.1MP available for download, using the Digital Rebel and the new Tamron 28-200mm lens. Check out the ones without the UV(0) filter here and the ones using the filter and the lens hood here.

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